Vukoje's blog about software development

About Me

My name is Milan Vukoje and I am software developer. I am currently working at Webcom after leaving Soprex. For past few years I have been developing multi-site web portal, ERP software for pricing quotations and framework for building enterprise applications.

When I started with software development, software design and architecture almost became my obsession. After some time I shifted my focus toward customers and software that works.

Why blog?

I was always wondering how someone could have enough time to write blog with rich content. Meanwhile I have accumulated solid amount of knowledge which I don't have with who to share. My friends and family don't plan on learning some programming language, and I don't get to see my friends programmers often enough so we could spend all of our time talking about work. My wish is to share my ideas, findings and thoughts on this blog and to hear your opinion about them.

IT is to complex to be tackled down without synergy, so I'm hoping for people feedback that will help me and others.

I remember when I was a student that some of my professors had so much knowledge that I wanted to still from them. Then I wished that they regularly wrote down their experience and published some great books. It turned out that there were some great people in IT industry that did that. I have no time to write books, but blog will do.

You can contact me at . For more information see  View Milan Vukoje's profile on LinkedIn